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do you tweet?

I am thinking about going back to twitter for some teaching stuff (build a plc, tell students to turn in hw, etc).

I used to tweet under the name @frayedmomma (I am still out there.  i will wait while you go stalk me).

i quit it several years ago because i got overwhelmed with all of the people i was following.  I tried to keep up with what everyone was saying and doing.  i wanted to know everything about everyone.  i wasted a lot of time reading things i wasn’t interested in or that weren’t relevant to me.  my twitter feed consumed me. even though i can’t quit candy crush, i was able to quit twitter (i actually gave it up for lent and never went back)

i think my first mistake was creating a personal account and then trying to do “irl friends,” celebrities, friends i found through “#ff,” as well as trying to build a personal learning community (plc) all at one time.

My second mistake was that i was afraid to interact with people.  i would respond to people that initiated conversations but (just like in real life) i was too chicken to start a conversation or join one already in progress.

So what advice to you have when using twitter?  I want to go back but I don’t want to waste time or get bogged down.   Do you prefer a specific twitter app over the others?

also, i need username ideas.  I am a 30-something high school math teacher.  i think i am pretty cool (yes, that is debatable) so I want a pretty cool name.  What do you think my twitter name should be?

please comment with your practical tips and ideas.


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